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Custom Range Hoods, Countertops, Kitchen Sinks, Bath Sinks and Bar Sinks

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If you have even a general idea what you want, we can give you a price!

Just call, fax, or email, and after just a few questions we'll have a price for you. If you want something made of copper, zinc, pewter, stainless, or bronze - and you don't see exactly what you want on this site, we can almost certainly custom build it for a price that you can afford! Prices quoted are valid for 30 days.

Ordering and Payments

Here are the steps to place an order and get work started:

1. Send the info about your project to us. Drawings are best, but written dimensions via email or fax, or even a verbal description can be enough. We'll normally ask you a few questions to ensure that we understand and then we'll give you a proposal with prices and options.

2. Let us know you're ready for a contract when you're satisfied that we've quoted what you want and you're ready to buy. We'll send you a contract with the same details listed on your proposal, plus payment terms and a provision that the terms and conditions on this page are incorporated by reference into the contract. We normally send the contract either as a fax or via email. You'll need to sign it, send it back to us, and send payment by check or arrange for payment by credit card. Please carefully check the contract and all terms and conditions before signing, because by signing the contract you agree to all conditions on the contract and this page. The contract is binding as written - please do necessary diligence before signing!

3. Once we receive your contract and payment, we'll put your project on our schedule. To build your order, we'll need a signed spec sheet for simple items or your signature on submittal drawings for complex items. We create these drawings and documents and send them to you to ensure all details are perfectly clear and in written form. Please carefully review these documents before you sign them because they are binding legal documents! You agree that your signature on submittal documents indicates approval of all information on the document, informs us that you understand what we are going to build for you, and instructs us to proceed based on the signed document.

4. Please be advised - jobs that are paid on time go first! When you sign our contract, you agree to our standard payment terms that require payment of 50% with your order, and payment of the remaining 50% a minimum of 2 weeks before our estimated ship date. We always let you know well ahead of time by email, fax, or phone that we need your final payment. We want your job to ship as soon as possible, so we are very interested in helping you stay on time with your payments! If we receive your final payment within 10 days after our notice, we will hold your place in our schedule and proceed without delay on the original schedule and ship within about 2 weeks. However, if we do not receive your payment within 10 days, we will then move your job to a 3 to 4 weeks-to-ship schedule, and we will reschedule your job week by week to maintain this ship time while we wait for your payment. When your payment arrives, we will then re-enter your job into our production queue at the earliest available time slot, which will normally be between 3 and 4 weeks, depending on how full our production schedule became while we were waiting for your payment. We will not delay or allow other jobs to run late in order to ship your job more quickly, but we will do what we can to ship your job as soon as possible. Please note: at the end of each week, all unpaid jobs move down another week in our schedule!

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Use

By use of this website you agree to all terms and conditions listed below.

Suitability and Codes

You assume all responsibility for establishing that the product you buy is suitable for your intended use, and for assessing the requirements of your local codes. You agree that Handcrafted Metal's responsibility in these matters is limited only to providing items as described in this web site and in the contract you sign, and that Handcrafted Metal's makes no representation as to the suitability to purpose or compliance with local codes. You specifically assume all responsibility for these issues and you agree to the terms detailed in Cancellation Policies below in the event that suitability or code issues arise after you have signed the contract.

Warranty Claims

We guarantee our products against defects in material or workmanship for 1 year. If we determine that we have shipped you items that do not match the contract or the specifications that we have agreed upon as specified in the contract and submittal documents that you signed, we'll gladly correct the problem by replacement, repair, or refund, as we deem appropriate, and we will pay the freight. We will not pay for a new crate so it is important that you not destroy your crate until you are satisfied that all is well with your order. We recommend that you make every effort to report any warranty claim before installation to avoid the cost of un-installing the item, If the item is installed, we will still honor any valid warranty claim, but we will not pay or make allowance for un-installing or removing the item. If we deem your claim valid by phone, we will determine how we will resolve it, either by local service, shipment back to us, or replacement. If we cannot determine definite validity of your claim over the phone, we will require that you ship the item back to us for warranty determination at your expense. If we determine upon examination that your claim is valid, we will compensate you for the shipping. If we determine your claim is not valid, we will not pay the freight, and we will charge a service fee for checking your item plus a handling fee for the re-crating of your item. You will also have to pay for shipment back to you.

Order Cancellation

When you place your order you commit to a contract that is legally binding for both us and you. You may commit to a contract by signing our proposal/contract and returning it to us, or by sending the 50% deposit specified in our proposal, or by indicating in an email that the contract is acceptable. By committing to the contract you agree to our structured cancellation policy as detailed below.

Cancellation Before Payment. If you inform us that you wish to cancel your contract before you send your initial payment, you may do so without penalty.

Cancellation Within 3 Days. If you inform us that you wish to cancel your contract within 3 days after we receive your payment we will refund all but 20% of the contract total.

Cancellation After 3 Days. If you inform us that you wish to cancel your contract more than 3 days after we receive your payment, we will refund all but 50% of the contract total.

Cancellation After We Cut Metal. After we cut metal for your order, we consider your order non-cancellable, and we require payment in full.

Dispute Resolution

Applicable Law. This transaction shall be governed by, and this Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state of Texas. If any provision, clause or part, or the application thereof under certain circumstances, is held invalid, the remainder of this Agreement or the application of such provision, clause or part shall not be affected thereby. Each party consents and agrees that Travis County, Texas shall be the exclusive, proper, and convenient venue for any legal proceeding in federal or state court relating to this Agreement, and each party to this Agreement waives any defense, whether asserted by motion or pleading, that such county is an improper or inconvenient venue.  Furthermore, each party agrees to personal jurisdisction in the State of Texas, in the state or federal courts of Travis County.  

Attorneys' Fees.  If any suit or action shall be instituted to enforce or interpret this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the other party all costs, fees, and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' and paralegals' fees, expended as part of such action or suit including any appeal thereof.

Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges

We sell two types of products — those that we build and customize, or that we special order, and those that are standard and non-customizable. We do not allow return of custom and special order items. We do allow return of standard items for either refund or exchange within 30 days after we ship them. We charge a 25% restock fee on the returned item, and you must return the item in original condition, in the original packaging, undamaged, and never installed, and ship it back to us at your expense. We will only accept returns that arrive to us with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number issued by us prior to shipping. Upon satisfaction of these requirements, we will process payment for your refund within 14 days.

Rustic Products

Please be aware that all rustic sinks and tubs have a finish that is by nature uneven and variable in color and pattern. In addition, the dimensions and consistency of shape can vary considerably. We offer these sinks and tubs with the view that these variations are part of the rustic character and charm, and do not constitute defects. Therefore, all sales of rustic products are made with the understanding that we sell these items on an as-is basis regarding all aspects of the finish. We will allow refunds and exchanges of these items strictly according to our refunds, returns,and exchanges policy in detailed in the paragraph above. Finish color and pattern variations do not qualify as warranty claim conditions. We will not exchange or accept returns on these items at no charge. If the unknowns of these rustic characteristics are not suitable for your project, we strongly urge you to select one of our fine non-rustic products for a more consistent and predictable finish and overall appearance than is possible with rustic items.

Handmade Products

All hand made products vary in size a small amount, and hand-applied finishes and patinas vary somewhat from project to project and from photos. We will allow refunds and exchanges of these items strictly according to our refunds, returns,and exchanges policy in detailed in the paragraph above. Finish, color, and pattern variations, and size variations 1/4" or less, do not qualify as warranty claim conditions. We will not exchange or accept returns on these items.

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