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Zinc and Steel Double Roll Range Hoods

Handcrafted Metal makes zinc Double Roll range hoods and steel Double Roll range hoods that are customized to accommodate your kitchen and your taste. With us you can customize every dimension and feature, such as hammering, color tone, and lighting. To further customize your zinc or steel range hood you can also choose from additional features, such as elegant bottom bands, hand-wrought straps, clavos, and rivets. Personalized features like these are guaranteed to please. Our zinc and steel range hoods are made with the purest materials available, and are very durable. We will work with you to make a superior zinc or steel hood that looks splendid in your kitchen. Click on any Double Roll hood below to see more pictures, and customize it according to your specifications!

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Zinc And Steel Hoods
Double Roll
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Custom Zinc Range Hoods Double Roll 3974
Steel Strap Panels on Zinc Hood(#3974)
Hood:54"L x 24"H Stack: 41"H Island Mount  price
Total Height: Hood+Stack 65"  [Click To Customize>>]

This Double Roll hood is shown with a wrap around heavy duty brass pot rail on the bottom band. The straps are made as one panel on each of the 4 sides of the hood using 1/8" thick steel. Our steel rivets and French Gray finish complete the straps and provide a slightly darker finish to contrast with the highlight medium patina finish of the zinc hood body. The hood is all-welded 16 gauge smooth zinc. The structural stack has 2 layers, with a steel inner layer, and a fully welded zinc outer layer.
Custom Zinc Range Hoods Double Roll 4471
Zinc Strap Panels On Zinc Hood(#4471)
Hood:38"L x 18"H Stack: 22"H Wall Mount  price
Total Height: Hood+Stack 40"  [Click To Customize>>]

This Double Roll hood is shown with zinc strap panels on front and ends. The rivets are round-head steel. A wide duct cover on top is angled at the back where it touches the sloped ceiling. The hood and strap panels are smooth zinc and with our medium antique patina.
Custom Zinc Range Hoods Double Roll 5105
Double Roll W/ Reverse Hammering and Hanging Chains(#5105)
98"L x 21"H Island Mount  price  [Click To Customize>>]

This zinc Double Roll island hood is suspended by 2 chains. It has our Reverse Hammered texture, and features steel straps with rivets around the bottom, and a steel strap with blind fasteners around the top. The entire piece is finished with our Medium patina.
Zinc And Steel Hoods
Double Roll
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