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Stainless Steel Venice Range Roods
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Handcrafted Metal makes Venice-style stainless steel range hoods that are customized to accommodate your kitchen and your taste. With us you can customize every dimension and feature, such as hammering, color tone, and lighting. To further customize your stainless steel range hood you can also choose from additional features, such as elegant bottom bands, hand-wrought straps, clavos, and rivets. Personalized features like these are guaranteed to please. Our stainless steel range hoods are made with 14 gauge stainless steel, which is 25% thicker than 16 gauge, so they are very durable. We will work with you to make a superior stainless steel hood that looks splendid in your kitchen. Click on any Venice hood below to see more pictures, and customize it according to your specifications!
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Stainless Hoods
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Custom Stainless Range Hoods Venice 5210
Sparkling Stainless Curves(#5210)
Hood:42"L x 22"H Stack: 7"H Wall Mount  price
Total Height: Hood+Stack 29"  [Click To Customize>>]

This custom stainless range hood includes a stack to reach the ceiling and polished, highlighted curves. This hood will light up your kitchen and become an instant focal point. All welded 14 gauge stainless steel, micrograin finish, highlighted curves.
Custom Stainless Range Hoods Venice 3964
Tall Body W/ Grain Finish(#3964)
56"L x 45"H Wall Mount  price  [Click To Customize>>]

This tall Venice hood was build to accommodate a 10 foot ceiling. The elongated curves add an elegant touch to any kitchen. Shown in 14 gauge stainless steel.
Custom Stainless Range Hoods Venice 2964
Smooth Body W/ Grain Finish & Inverted Scroll Band(#2964)
36"L x 22"H Wall Mount  price  [Click To Customize>>]

This lines of this classic Venice hood naturally draw the eye and make it a focal point of any kitchen. It's made from 14 gauge stainless and finished with our Grain finish.
Stainless Hoods
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