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Custom Pewter Countertops Straight

Handcrafted Metal makes exquisite straight pewter countertops to suit your taste and accommodate your kitchen. With us you can customize every dimension and feature. You can also add detailing, such as fancy edges, backsplashes, hammering, and drainboards, to give your pewter countertop a powerful presence in your kitchen. Each pewter countertop is fully welded and polished, and made with the purest pewter available. Feel free to choose how your straight pewter countertop will look, by combining our custom features into the perfect custom pewter countertop for your kitchen. We will work with you to produce a work of art for your kitchen. To get started, click any of the straight countertops below to see pricing and customize your dimensions and features.

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Pewter Countertops
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 Pewter Countertop # 4257
Pewter Countertop #4257  

Claire Marine Edge Extended Curved Front
This extraordinary pewter countertop combines several delightful features. The front edge is our Claire Marine Edge. The surface texture is random hammered, with semi-gloss finish. The curved front extension in the center provides a low key focal point. Random hammered 16 gauge welded pewter, semi-gloss finish.
119"L x 25"W $10512  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 4688
Pewter Countertop #4688  

Integral Sink & Splash On Three Sides
The marine Felice edge decorates the front of this wonderful top with integral sink. Splashes protect the walls on 3 sides. The sink is 9.5 inches deep and 27 inches wide. 14 gauge pewter is fully welded and polished before the final semigloss finish is applied.
93"L x 26"W $13919  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 3845
Pewter Countertop #3845  

Braid Edge Scallop Corners
This 30 x 18 spice shelf features a curved front, scallop notch corners, and our embossed pewter braid edge. It's made from smooth pewter, and has a natural matte finish.
30"L x 18"W $5720  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 3921
Pewter Countertop #3921  

Small Acanthus Detail Edge
This very slim edge is only 1 1/4 inch tall. The flat-embossed acanthus leaf edge detail provides a unique accent. Smooth pewter, semi-gloss finish.
115"L x 25"W $14215  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 3859
Pewter Countertop #3859  

Mont St. Michel Edges
This is a small countertop with a big edge. The 3 inch tall Mont St. Michel edge looks elegant and substantial on it. The piece is made from smooth pewter with a semi-gloss finish.
62"L x 22"W $8117  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 4686
Pewter Countertop #4686  

Marine Felice Edges
A long run of smooth pewter with practical no-drip marine edges. The Felice edge is 2.5" tall and is a delight to the eye. This top sits next to a range in the kitchen. Semigloss finish gives it a shine.
81"L x 25"W $8339  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 4627
Pewter Countertop #4627  

Marine Felice Edge W/ Framed Opening
The framed opening in this top is designed to fit a flat screen TV base that raises the TV up through the hole for use. We provided a small cover for the top of the TV that covered the opening when the TV was lowered into the cabinet below. The marine edges are on all 4 sides, but the 3 wall sides are just raw to touch the wall. The plywood substrate is visible in the photos. 14 gauge pewter is fully welded and polished before the final semigloss finish is complete.
118"L x 24"W $9560  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 2960
Pewter Countertop #2960  

Bullnose Front with Sink Opening
This straight top has a framed opening with radius corners to fit an undermount sink. The fronts of the end splashes are within an alcove, so the front of the end splashes is capped. The bullnose front edge terminates raw against the alcove walls. Smooth pewter, semi-gloss finish.
117"L x 25"W $12196  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 3917
Pewter Countertop #3917  

Mon Ami Edge W/ Integral Pewter Bar Sink
An unusual alcove installation required the front edge to return 4" at the left end, and then change to a backsplash to match a short wall. The integral-welded reinforced pewter bar sink is large enough to make a functional work area. Splashes protect the surrounding walls, and rounded junctions with the deck make for easy cleaning. The entire piece is made from smooth pewter, and has our Semigloss finish.
61"L x 25"W $9469  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 3920
Pewter Countertop #3920  

Partial Alcove Mont St. Michel
Unequal walls on the ends required different splash lengths. The Mont St. Michel edge extends around the right end nearly to the back, then changes to a backsplash. Smooth pewter, semi-gloss finish.
53"L x 26"W $5037  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 3943
Pewter Countertop #3943  

Long Alcove Bar
A narrow alcove top with our 1 7/8 inch Mon Ami edge. The full surround splashes make cleaning easy and protect the adjoining walls. The smooth silvery quality is our semi-gloss finish. Smooth pewter.
101"L x 13"W $5526  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 3945
Pewter Countertop #3945  

Integral Bar Sink & Faceted Post Caps
This long countertop has a pass-through opening in the backsplash that is centered on the extended front. Faceted caps extend beyond the front to cover posts below. The integral-welded 15" x 15" pewter sink includes double wall composite reinforced construction to make the malleable pewter dent resistant and durable. Our Mont St. Michel front gives this top a Nouveau flavor. Smooth pewter, semi-gloss finish.
143"L x 27"W $22794  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 4258
Pewter Countertop #4258  

Straight Random Hammered Pewter
This straight pewter countertop has subtle appeal with Random hammering and our Claire front edge with no-drip marine feature. It's made from 14 gauge pewter, and has a Semigloss finish that makes it shine.
148"L x 25"W $11603  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 4314
Pewter Countertop #4314  

Framed Opening For Apron Sink
Our customer provided us with the sink that was installed under this beautiful pewter top. We were able to match the curves and dimensions of the sink top perfectly. Photos show our cabinet-grade plywood substrate that we glue to our pewter tops before we ship. The final finish on this top is a semi-gloss.
172"L x 24"W $12257  [Customize It]  

 Pewter Countertop # 4259
Pewter Countertop #4259  

Random Hammered W/Curved Extended Front
Our Claire Quarter Roll edge with marine edge gives this 22' long counter top a distinct style. The left side is straight, and the right side has an extended, curved front edge for about 39". The random hammered texture provides interest and adds durability. The polished finish adds sparkle. Random hammered 16 gauge welded pewter, semi-gloss finish.
266"L x 25"W $22719  [Customize It]  
 Pewter Countertop # 3046    
Pewter Countertop #3046    

Mon Ami Edge For Butler's Pantry
A fine petite-size utility table for a kitchen. Fully welded seamless pewter. The edge height is 1 7/8 inches, and thus works well with almost with any standard kitchen cabinet application. Smooth 14 gauge pewter, semigloss finish, no patina. Note the reflection of the trees in the first photo shows the degree of surface polish.
47"L x 24"W $5084  [Customize It]  

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Pewter Countertops
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