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Custom Bronze and Brass Bar Sinks

Handcrafted Metal offers an outstanding selection of custom Bronze Bar Sinks in a variety of metals, custom shapes, and custom dimensions. We can build any custom brass or bronze bar sink to your dimensions in copper, zinc, stainless steel, bronze, or pewter. Further customize your custom brass bar sink with a hammered texture and fine finishes and patinas. Each sink is available with drop-in mount, under mount, or flush mount rims.

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Custom Zinc Bar Sinks # 5096
Custom Zinc Bar Sinks #5096  

Smooth Zinc
This small sink is made completely from smooth zinc. It's naturally-colored and is built to accommodate a 3.5" drain.
14"L x 14"W $870  [Customize It]  

Custom Bar Sinks # 3636
Custom Bar Sinks #3636  

Octagon In Ray's Famous Hammering
A delightful design with Ray's Famous Hammering - everybody wants to work in the kitchen now! Medium antique brings-out the beauty of Ray's Hammering.
24"L x 20"W $2679  [Customize It]  

Custom Zinc Bar Sinks # 4763
Custom Zinc Bar Sinks #4763  

Random Hammered Bar Sink W/ Semigloss
This lovely sink is fully Random Hammered and made entirely from 16 gauge zinc. It is fully welded and polished, then the semi-gloss final finish is applied. It is stunning!
20"L x 15"W $1616  [Customize It]  

Custom Bronze and  Brass Bar Sinks # 4001
Custom Bronze and Brass Bar Sinks #4001  

Bronze Large Bar Sink
This 17" x 17" undermount bar sink is large enough to serve as a prep sink or a roomy bar sink. All interior corners are 3/4" radius coves for easy cleaning. All welded 16 gauge bronze, smooth surface, dark bronze patina, lacquer clear coat.
19"L x 19"W $1992  [Customize It]  

Custom Zinc Bar Sinks # 5016
Custom Zinc Bar Sinks #5016  

Zinc Reverse Hammered Drop-In
This custom drop-in zinc sink features our reverse hammered texture, which provides a very nice compliment to your counter top. All interior corners are 3/4" radius cove construction for easy cleaning. Our natural finish will change colors and darken with use. All welded 16 gauge zinc, natural finish.
15"L x 15"W $1656  [Customize It]  

Stainless Steel  Bar & Prep Sinks # 5093
Stainless Steel Bar & Prep Sinks #5093  

Stainless Micrograin
Our custom stainless bar sink is the ultimate in durability. All interior corners are easy clean 3/4" radius coves. Available with bar, lav, or kitchen drains in custom sizes and mounting styles. 14 Gauge stainless, micrograin finish.
18"L x 18"W $1039  [Customize It]  

Custom Bar Sinks # 3639
Custom Bar Sinks #3639  

Reverse Hammered Interior
Reverse hammering gives this sink a delightful texture. The medium antique gives it age. Hammering on the out rim lets this sink install as either an undermount or a drop-in.
30"L x 17"W $2192  [Customize It]  

Custom Pewter Bar Sinks # 5055
Custom Pewter Bar Sinks #5055  

Pewter Square Corners
This deep pewter bar sink features zero radius corners. We reinforce this sink with a fiberglass outer shell for rigidity, and we coat the exterior with sound deadner insulation. Welded 14 gauge pewter, natural matte finish.
16"L x 16"W $2212  [Customize It]  

Stainless Steel  Bar & Prep Sinks # 3715
Stainless Steel Bar & Prep Sinks #3715  

Butterfly Prep or Bar Sink
Our polishers applied the special butterfly finish to add sparkle and hide scratches. Shown with 3 1/2" indent for kitchen drain. Also available with 2" bar drain. All interior corners are 3/4" radius for easy cleaning. Undermount flange, 14 gauge stainless.
17"L x 16"W $976  [Customize It]  

Custom Bar Sinks # 3641
Custom Bar Sinks #3641  

31" Trough
This moderate size trough sink is great for a small island. The 28" interior length of the sink allows us to build this sink economically with a center drain. All welded smooth 16 gauge copper, medium patina.
31"L x 11"W $1026  [Customize It]  

Custom Bar Sinks # 3556
Custom Bar Sinks #3556  

Smooth Drop-In With Faucet Holes
The back deck of this smooth prep sink is wider than the other 3 sides to accomodate faucet holes and a hole for a soap dispenser or sprayer. Medium antique ages the sink to a lovely golden color.
32"L x 21"W $2415  [Customize It]  

Custom Bar Sinks # 2822
Custom Bar Sinks #2822  

Woven Apron On Prep Sink
Small enough to use as a prep sink, this exquisite single-bowl sink features a hand-woven apron. The sides of the apron are rounded, and the weave curves around also. Medium antique brings out the texture of the weave.
22"L x 20"W $3114  [Customize It]  

Custom Bar Sinks # 3658
Custom Bar Sinks #3658  

Renoir Old World On Prep Sink
This small farm house sink is perfect as a second sink in the kitchen. The Old World patina on the apron complements the Medium antique patina in the bowl. Made in 48 ounce new copper. Exact duplication of any particular color or pattern isn't possible with our Old World Patinas, but the general effect will be similar to those shown on our website.
22"L x 22"W $2208  [Customize It]  

Custom Bar Sinks # 3666
Custom Bar Sinks #3666  

Extra Deep Smooth Prep
This deep bar sink has extra room. Medium antique ages the copper beautifully. 16 gauge copper.
20"L x 16"W $1486  [Customize It]  

Custom Bar Sinks # 3680
Custom Bar Sinks #3680  

21" Drop-In Trough
This small drop-in trough sink can fit in very tight spaces. All welded smooth 16 gauge copper, medium patina.
21"L x 11"W $1316  [Customize It]  
Custom Bar Sinks # 2851    
Custom Bar Sinks #2851    

Random Hammered Interior
This elegant single-bowl sink is fully hammered and features our medium patina. The upper flange is hammered, too, so it can be used as a drop-in sink or an undermount sink.
24"L x 20"W $2182  [Customize It]  
Custom Bar Sinks # 3451    
Custom Bar Sinks #3451    

Customized Design
This sink was made special to fit into a corner and follow the shape of the island countertop. The sink is made from 48 ounce copper and includes our Light antique patina.
12"L x 14"W $1057  [Customize It]  
Custom Bar Sinks # 3546    
Custom Bar Sinks #3546    

Octagon With Wide Angles
The angled corners of this bar sink are wide and give the sink lovely proportions. Medium antique brings out the beauty of the smooth copper. Available in any custom size.
24"L x 19"W $2218  [Customize It]  
Custom Bronze and  Brass Bar Sinks # 4000    
Custom Bronze and Brass Bar Sinks #4000    

Bronze Rear Center Drain
This fabulous sink is perfect for a second sink in the kitchen. The outer flanges are extra wide so the counter top can be cut large enough to leave a reveal around the sink. It's made from 16 gauge bronze (naval brass) with dark oil-rubbed antique patina.
30"L x 20"W $1814  [Customize It]  

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