Pyramid Shape Copper Hoods
Solid Continuously Welded Copper
Classic pyramids with bottom step or smooth band.

Top hood shown with optional stack, hammered band, and bottom step for an Arts and Crafts flavor.

The second hood shows our low profile design.

The third hood shows a simple band.

Fans Available Separately -    
click here  for fan info

Pricing Info  prices are  without hammering, antique, stack, or clear coat.  These options are priced separately below.
Standard Sizes: Up to18" height - extra height add $40/inch
Front-to Back widths available 24" wall  and 27" island.
Custom lengths, widths and heights also available.

Pricing Info
Priced at standard 18" height, unhammered   
Front-to Back widths available 24" wall, and 27" island
Custom lengths, widths and heights also available.

        Lengths       Wall Mount             Island
           30"              $3800                  $4000
           36"              $3900                  $4100
           42"              $4200                  $4400
           48"              $4300                  $4500
           54"              $4700                  $4900
           60"              $5200                  $5400
           66"              $5700                  $5900
           72"              $6700                  $6900
           84"              $7700                  $7900
           96"              $8700                  $8900

Stack for wall mount hoods
This stack attaches to the wall and/or ceiling.  We provide a duct collar on either the top or the back panel of the stack.
Up to 12" diameter round or  12" x 16" square:
$449 base price plus $16 per inch of height

Structural stack for island hoods
This stack is for hoods that will be suspended below the ceiling in an island mount installation.  We build this stack extra strong and rigid, with continuous welded construction.  We recommend mounting the stack first using lag bolts or threaded rods.  Once the stack is solidly mounted, mount the hood onto the bolts that extend from the bottom of the stack.
We provide a duct collar either on the top of the stack or at the top of the sides for easy attachment of your exhaust duct.
$649 base price plus $20 per inch of height.

Add a hammered bottom band up to 3" tall
For hood lengths up to 42": $500 wall  $700 island
For hood lengths up to 72:  $700 wall  $900 island

Add gloss or satin clear coat - $600

Extra Height
Above 24" standard max. $75 per inch of additional height above 24".

Copper Wall Metal under the hood, 36" tall $125 per running ft. Antiquing on wall metal: $200 for up to 36" x 36"

Top Quality Features included standard
10" round duct collar for top or back connection
Restaurant grade removable aluminum fire baffle filters
Commercial grade 75 watt 120 volt halogen lamp
Highest quality continuous welded construction and finish

Antique Patina
Up to 42"   Wall - $600   Island $800
43" to 60"  Wall - $700   Island $900
plus $12 per inch of height greater than the 18" standard ht

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Uncompromising Design and Craftsmanship
Arts and Crafts Pyramid
Low Profile
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Low Profile with round moulding
Last Updated 03-27-05