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Handcrafted Metal is a dedicated to delivering more than you expect. We bring a strong sense of family and relationship to the way we do business. This page is our way of sharing a little of who we are.
We always enjoy seeing the families of businesses on the internet. It gives us a glimpse of who the real people are behind the company name and who we're really buying from. We thought you might appreciate the same from us, so here's a glimpse of the Bentz family.
David   Our Shop Dog Grady
David Bentz
Grady - Our Shop Dog
Master metal fabricator responsible for all designs and metal fabrication. Started putting stainless steel in home kitchens before it was cool! Metal fabrication lead designer since 1987.
In his element - he decided to stretch out on our icy lawn after a recent (and rare) ice storm in Austin. He likes the cold! When its not icy, we let him run and chase the squirrels in the fenced-in field behind our shop. Note the ice is on green grass!


< Erik Bentz

An important part of Handcrafted since the beginning, from computer programming to sales. To make it more interesting at college, he's considering switching to physics next year. This is a photo from one of our ski trips.

Alan   Darren

Alan Bentz

Works from his dorm room at college preparing and uploading photos to the web site. He's also our resident philosopher. In this photo he's sitting on a resort bus, you guessed it, on a ski trip.



Darren Bentz

On the slopes, with a snowboard, you can see the snow falling! Made honor roll again! Answers phones and helps with shipping daily, until he starts college in September. When he starts, that'll make 3 sons in college at the same time. Pray for scholarships!

Handcrafted Metal Staff May 2003

In case you're wondering, this French Country hood is 17' long, 7' tall, and weighs 3000 pounds. This photo wasn't made up on a computer - you can just see the forklift behind us. Why would anyone need such a big hood? To cover their 2 Lacanche ranges and a charbroiler, of course!

Handcrafted Metal Staff