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These are some questions we hear a lot. If you have questions not listed here, please call us (800) 755-0310, or email sales@handcraftedmetal.com. We'll be glad to discuss your project and get you the answers you need.

Are all of your products one-of-a-kind?

We offer both custom one-of-kind products and standardized designs. We pride ourselves on the unique quality of all products we sell.


What metals do you offer?

We work in many different metals, including copper, stainless steel, zinc, brass, bronze, and carbon steel.


What do the terms 48 ounce and 16 gauge mean?

First, here's a clarification about how these numbers work. Ounce designations refer to the weight of the metal per square foot. A larger number means thicker metal. Guage numbers refer to the actual thickness, and smaller numbers mean thicker metal.

Stainless steel and mild steel are commonly referred to in gauge numbers. We use several different gauges including 18, 16, 14, and 12 gauge. We use primarily 14 gauge stainless steel, which is .075 inch (75 thousandths) thick. This is about the thickness of a nickel.

Copper is commonly reffered to in ounce numbers. These ounce designations refer to the weight of the metal per square foot. Copper that is 1/16" thick weighs about 3 pounds per square foot, hence the 48 ounce designation. Metal that is 1/16" thick is almost the same thickness as 16 gauge.

Zinc, brass, and bronze thicknesses are usually referred to in decimal inches. We use zinc that is .060 inch (60 thousandths) thick for our zinc countertops. This is about the thickness of a quarter.


Can you customize items that you show in the photos?

We can customize hoods, countertops, most kitchen sinks, and bath tubs.. We have also noticed that we get requests for certain sizes of sinks again and again so we standardize and stock certain sizes. We purchase round and embossed pattern sinks and these are not customizable.


Can I safely use a disposer with your sinks?

Yes! All sinks are made using thick metal that is strong enough to support a disposer without additional bracing.


Does copper need special care?

This is a very common question. Copper needs no special care other than soap and water. Do not use harsh cleansers or copper polish on the brown copper patina finish, as these will remove the patina.

Copper can be finished in a number of ways. We prefer the appearance of the beautiful brown patina you see on our web site. This patina is essentially specialized oxidation that we apply to the surface of the copper using very high heat and strong acid formulations. We coat our patinas with a light coat of lacquer specially formulated for maximum durability and beauty on copper, plus a coat of carnauba wax. This treatment is fairly durable when exposed to soap, water, and non-acidic substances. Patinas on hoods are very stabile as they are not exposed to the harsh conditions found in sinks. Sink patinas change with use becauseof the effects of acid-bearing foods. Strongly acid foods like ketchup and citrus fruits will leave a lightened spot where they contact the copper. The spot will turn dark quickly, so the net effect is over time the spots merge to form a continuous golden brown color. This is why copper is universally described as having a 'living' finish. We see this unique character as the best thing about copper, providing endlessly unique and beautiful effects.