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Custom Zinc and Steel Range Hoods

Handcrafted Metal makes stunning zinc range hoods that are custom made for your kitchen. During our 25 years of success we have learned to make metal hoods from a variety of materials, including zinc and steel. For sublime neutral tones and quiet grays, our custom zinc range hoods and steel range hoods provide many excellent choices. For light grey colors choose zinc with natural or light antique finish. Also, our medium antique zinc and French Gray steel finishes are great for darker tones. For a touch of color, you can add various metal straps, bronze clavos, and brass rivets. Add matching straps for detail with reduced contrast, or select black steel straps and rivets for strongly contrasting detail. Handcrafted Metal zinc and steel range hoods are built using 16 gauge metal, and all seams are fully welded and polished. To fully accommodate your kitchen, you can completely customize every dimension and feature, and all seams are fully welded and polished. We will work with you to produce a work of art for your kitchen. To get started, click any of the styles below to see a collection of hoods that we have made in that style. You can then click any of the hoods displayed to see pricing and customize dimensions and features.

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