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Colorcoat Double Sweep Style Hood
Brass Straps, Rivets, & Pot Rail #2961
1 8070
Hood : 48L x 24W x 56H,
Welded Top Plate
Powder Coat - Black Matte
Brass - Front Only Wall or Front + Back Island
Flat Top - Hood
Integral Bottom Band
LED Lights, Dimmer, Filters, Flat Stainless Plate
2 Bottom Horizontal, 2 Front Vertical
Strap Fasteners : Rivets - Round Head Brass - Medium
Strap Finish : Semi-Gloss
Strap Texture : Smooth
Fan w Switch & Wiring
Roof/Wall - 900 CFM - Broan 332H1415
Sub Total 16091
Shipping: Crate For Shipping: 453453
Total price$16544
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