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Stainless Towel Bars Style Kitchen Sink
Grain Finish & Towel Bar #4845
1 3111
Outside 36" L x 22" W Overall Inside Bowl 34" L x 20" W
Sink Overall Features
Towel Bar: Brass Towel Bar W/ Antique
Metal Texture: Smooth
Finish: Stainless Grain Finish
Sink Bowls
Bowl Count: 1
Bowl ID: 34"x20"x10" deep
Drain: Kitchen 3.5", Left Center
Mounting Style: Undermount Rim
Height: 10"
Top: Square with Flat Top
Square with Flat Top
Ends: 3/4" Radius
Surface: All Smooth Metal
Bottom: Square
Sub Total 3111
Shipping: Crate For Shipping: 179179
Total price$3290
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