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Traditional Copper Finishes
Copper patina finishes range primarily from warm brown caramel to deep coffee tones, to even darker tones that reach to nearly black. Copper can also be finished natural with matte, semi-gloss, and high polish. We highlight detail by lightening the raised portions with our hand rub process.

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This sink is a fine example of the warm brown tones and highlights that we achieve with our traditional French process and hand rub-back. This sink apron has a lightly hammered background texture and hand-raised images. The apron frame and the inside of the sinks are smooth metal. Our hand rub-back adds subtle highlights to both smooth and textured areas to bring the copper to life.

Patina Colors
We control the color of copper patinas to produce tones ranging from very light to very dark by varying our technique and patina mix.

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Medium Antique Patina features rich brown tones and some detectable highlights. Our moderate rub back produces subtle patterns. This is our most popular copper finish.

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Light Antique Patina is sometimes described as peach. It reflects light more than medium patina. Our relatively intense rub-back exposes a hint of natural copper over the entire piece in additional to the highlight pattern.

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Our Dark Antique Patina is a solid dark brown with almost no highlight or pattern. The dark brown color carries a hint of the native red tones of the copper.

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The Natural pink color of freshly finished copper can be preserved with a coat of lacquer. If left uncoated, the copper can be kept pink if polished regularly with copper polish. Uncoated natural copper can also be left to turn darker on its own, changing to gold and then brown over time. Coated natural copper turns shifts from the original clear pink to a slightly gold color under lacquer over a period of time.