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Handcrafted Metal hand-fabricates pewter countertops in Austin, Texas to replicate the traditional manufacturing process that has been done for many generations in Europe. Our pewter is hand-formed and hammered to duplicate the “period look” of French Château life. The pewter may contain slight irregularities due to this complex process. The actual composition of our pewter is 92% tin and 7% antimony, and 1% copper . It is lead-free and certified to be safe when used in conjunction with food preparation. Pewter, because of its nature, will last for generations and gracefully absorb the effects of continued use. Below are some guidelines to maintain its beauty and ensure its longevity. Cleaning is quite simple: Use only mild soap and water. Although it is metallic in appearance, do not use strong metal cleaners, as they will remove the desired patina. Avoid strong chemicals such as paint removers, oven cleaners, and non-food acids as they could damage the surface permanently. Wipe up any spills. Water, wine and other liquids can leave a mark. To remove marks, use mild soap and water with a little cheesecloth and rub gently. Pewter is a soft metal and can easily be marked or dented; please take care not to cut directly on the pewter. Minor scratches and dings will, over time, add to the character of your countertop. Avoid placing extremely hot cookware on the pewter surface. Damage such as blistering or melting could occur. If you want the countertop to remain shiny, apply a thin coat of beeswax after cleaning to protect the surface. Without beeswax, the natural patina of the pewter will return within months. Over time, the surface will change patina unless you keep it polished; this is to be expected and will enrich its beauty and add to its antique charm. With proper care, your pewter will wear and inherit the character of everyday life and will provide years of enjoyment. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about care of your pewter counter, sink, or hood.