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Zinc and Steel Finishes
Zinc finishes are shades of gray, starting at light gray natural zinc, and ranging darker to medium and on to nearly black dark tones. Our hand-rubbed highlighting enlivens the zinc with increased pattern and contrast. Steel finishes are nearly indistinguishable from zinc finishes. Our French Gray steel finish varies only slightly from the color of our zinc medium patina. The main difference is that we highlight our zinc medium patina, while our French Gray finish on steel has no highlights and can have a barely detectable taupe-green color undertone which is not present on zinc.

Zinc Finish Facts
Zinc shows oxidation marks when exposed to moisture. These marks are zinc oxide, which can look like a white stain, or can be a white powder that looks like talcum powder. These white marks on natural zinc can be restored to original condition fairly easily by rubbing with an abrasive pad. However, when patina has been applied, oxidation marks are difficult to remove. Therefore we recommend natural finish on smooth zinc counter tops and zinc sinks for easy removal of marks. We recommend medium patina for zinc hoods because hoods are not subjected to extended contact with moisture, and medium patina with lacquer is effective at sealing the finish against normal use and gentle cleaning. We also apply natural finish to hoods when requested. Hoods with natural finish will show oxidation, but will darken naturally to a sublime gray color over time. It is worth mentioning that our matte finish stainless steel matches the fine gray color of zinc fairly closely. Matte stainless steel is very durable and impervious to moisture, and presents a very good alternative to zinc if durability, resistance to stains, and low maintenance is a concern.

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Natural Finish on zinc counter tops is the only practical choice because oxidation can be easily removed. The natural light gray color of new zinc darkens fairly quickly, and reduces the visibility of the oxidation.

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Medium Patina with lacquer is the most practical finish for zinc hoods because it protects against fingerprints. Our subtle hand-rubbed highlights are visible here.

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Natural Finish on zinc hoods is a lighter gray color initially, which will turn darker over time. Natural finish on straps is also allows the straps to match a natural zinc hood, or provides a contrasting color on hoods with patina.

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French Gray Patina on steel is very similar to our medium patina on zinc. The primary difference is that our French Gray has no highlights, and the color has a very subtle, nearly undetectable taupe undertone.

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Matte Stainless Steel is an obvious choice for sinks subjected to hard use that need need to look good with low maintenance.

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Matte Stainless Steel is a very good alternative for countertops when the gray color of zinc is required, but durability is a primary consideration. We use only 304 food grade stainless, which does not rust or oxidize.

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Dark Patina on zinc is great for a dramatic effect. It it is vulnerable to staining when subjected to moisture, so we recommend this finish only for hoods. We coat the hood with lacquer to protect against fingerprints. Dark patina can vary from relatively solid coverage to subtly patterned shades of dark gray and charcoal.