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Handcrafted Metal products are made from the finest quality metals available. The "Antique" and "Old World Patina" finishes are created by a classic "hot" process and will change over time, developing more interest and variation. We recommend a regular application of protective wax be applied to these finishes. General Care & Cleaning: For sinks, after every use rinse thoroughly, then wipe the sink dry with a clean soft cloth. This will prevent water spotting and will leave your sink as beautiful as you expect it to be. Hoods and tops, like sinks, are also able to be washed with hot soapy water and a soft cloth. All Handcrafted Metal copper products should be cleaned only with non-abrasive soaps and a soft cloth. (Ivory, Dawn, etc.) No coarse, acidic, or alcohol-based cleaners should be used. Steel wool, Brillo pads, and wire brushes may scratch copper surfaces and should be avoided. Tough stains may be removed using a paste of baking soda and water applied with a sponge. Additional Care Instructions: As needed, you can apply Trewax® or a polish-free furniture wax as a protective coating. Natural copper and high-polish copper finishes will naturally patina, but can be easily restored to an original luster by using a brass/copper polish such as Wright's Copper Cream. Trewax can also be applied to high-polished or natural copper surfaces to reduce the appearance of natural patination. (Trewax and related products can be found at The natural patina process may also be affected by mineral content in your water supply. Removing any standing water with a soft cloth is recommended to prevent calcium staining and mineral buildup. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about care of your copper sink, counter, or hood.