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Custom Counter Tops

Handcrafted Metal makes custom metal counter tops, bartops and island tops that create a focal point in your home or business. We build custom counter tops in a variety of metals to accommodate your kitchen and your taste. For warm brown color tones we offer copper, brass, and bronze counter tops. For silvery tones with sparkle we make stainless steel counter tops, while our pewter, zinc, and steel counter tops offer a variety of neutral gray tones. We use only the highest-quality materials, so our counter tops are very durable. Also, our welded integral sinks have coved corners for easy cleaning, and our custom integral drainboards put you in control of water. We can even make the corners of integral sinks have an exact radius to perfectly match the sink cutout in your kitchen! We will work with you to make a superior counter top for your kitchen. Start out by choosing a metal type on this page, then browse our galleries, pick any of our custom counter tops, and click Customize to enter the dimensions you need and get an instant price.

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